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MUADASSIR ALI – (XII-Allama Iqbal, 2015)

Meritorious College is a distinctive institute with majestic faculty that maintains good relations with students helping them to maintain mental poise. Co-curricular activities occur frequently that help keep students active. The teachers work to groom the child and assist them in all spheres.

DUA ZEHRA – (XII-Shaheed-e-Millat, 2015)

My journey in this college has come to an end and I want to thank all faculty and administration for helping us reach the doors of success without any hindrances in our paths. My tenure here was short but the memories, inspirations, self-confidence that I have earned are in ample amount. This college has given […]

HAFIZ SHAH SAAD – (XII-Allama Iqbal, 2015)

Meritorious College is one of the best intermediate colleges in Karachi. It is a name known for its quality education. The environment is highly disciplined and the teachers are very hard-working who are always eager to help students. It not only provides good quality education, but also focuses on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities of the […]

WARDA ZAKI – (XII-Shaheed-e-Millat, 2015)

Meritorious College is a great educational institute with a highly disciplined management. It has always supported and appreciated the efforts of their students by organizing Prize Distribution Ceremony every year which encourages the student to do well in academics. Teachers here are supportive and helpful who put in all their efforts to boost student performance. […]

ABEERAQ RAUF – (XII-Johar, 2015)

Meritorious College has given me great memories, best friends and the best teachers ever. The teachers have treated us as their own children and have brought the best out of every child they have taught. I feel blessed to be part of such an institute that has always been there to lift my spirits. Thank […]

HAMZA MUNEER – (XII-Quaid-e-Azam, 2015)

My experience at Meritorious College was a huge personality change. This institute turned a shy individual into a very confident one who would never shy away from expressing himself. For me, life at Meritorious College was full of rediscovering myself, courtesy my teachers. I am proud to be a Meritorian.

AISHA ZAMEERR – (XII-Shaheed-e-Millat, 2015)

I can vividly remember my first day at Meritorious College, feels as if it was just yesterday. Meritorious College is not just an Intermediate College, but a place that encourages students to put in more efforts and fosters growth. This institute fulfils the true meaning of being meritorious as it not only provides good quality […]

M. OSAMA KALAM – (XII-Quaid-e-Azam, 2015)

Opting for Meritorious College for my Intermediate proved to be one of the best decisions of my life as it is a great place to learn and a perfect institute. This place makes you never to miss your school as everything is organized and teachers are very supportive. These were the best two years as […]

RIMSHA SHAFI – (XII-Shaheed-e-Millat, 2015)

The time passed at Meritorious College is the one whose memories I will cherish throughout my life. The college offers a good moral environment, The teachers are strict, yet friendly and ever willing to help the students. Regular tests help students prepare before-hand and the students are also encouraged for performing well through gifts and […]

AFNAN RIAZ – (XII-Allama Iqbal, 2015)

Having studied in a school with friendly atmosphere, I was extremely worried whether or not I would be able to cope in a completely different strict atmosphere of the college. Now, I smile at myself. For what seemed to be a nightmare to begin with turned out to be a beautiful dream.

MAHA SIRAJ – (XII-Johar, 2015)

The life of a college student is an arduous one. But the sincerely devoted teachers of Meritorious College have made the subjects intriguing and the task simple. I term this institution a platform that brushes up the students’ character as well as amplifies the knowledge and confidence to step forward.

SAMAN FATIMA – Batch 2011

Jinnah Medical College Meritorious College has been an amazing experience for me. My inspiration over there was my principal, Sir Amir. All the teachers used to be very friendly with us. They were very supportive, encouraging and cleared our each and every doubt regarding studies. The best part which the students initially find tough is […]

SAGAR BALANI – Batch 2011

NED Being in Meritorious has been a great experience for me, it made me learn importance of education. Its only because of Meritorious College that I have almost complete my graduation as a position holder. I am thankful to Meritorious College for helping me in determining my  vision of life… Special thanks to Sir Yasir, […]


Final year BDS student – Fatima Jinnah Dental College “School provides the golden years you treasure forever,” it was drilled in my mind until I found my way to Meritorious Science College. I have heard world speaking out that college is just a reservoir which serves no good memories but opposite happened when I was […]