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Welcome By Executive Director

Mahfooz Husain

(Executive Director)

I wish to avail this opportunity to convey my feelings about the realities and vital issues that surround the CHILD of today. In today’s world of diverse educational thoughts and procedures, the essential fundamental attitudes and approach to the child are generally ignored by teachers and parents alike.

I believe that education is what is left in you when you have forgotten all that was taught to you. I also say that discipline of a child is paramount; for without discipline nothing can be achieved at any strata of society. These values remain and are carried on at all institutions run by Meritorious. Credit goes to the untiring efforts of our most conscientious faculty members.

When a child comes to our school entrusted in our moral care, to be imbibed with knowledge, and groomed to be distinguished, we work beyond the notes and textbooks, and the whiteboards and the worksheets. It is something much above the talk and chalk concept. Beyond the infrastructures of any educational institution lies something deeply hidden about a child which goes unseen, unwatched and uncared for. From what domestic environment does the child come today, what is the impact and impression on the child’s mind of its social environment, what are the hidden feelings unexpressed by the child for many a reason, what are the aspirations of the child for that moment, that day and beyond, are the issues that need to be explored in each case separately. Then alone we would be able to establish a strong foundation for a child of today. This I call as nobility. For there can be nothing more noble in this world, than to sacrifice ourselves for the child, taking each and every one of them as our own and giving this world a future.

Mahfooz Husain

Executive Director